"Stick-lets are a practical addition to our first aid supplies and outdoor equipment shop. Our customers - outdoor enthusiasts - have explored various ways to utilize Stick-lets, from constructing shooting sticks and camera tripods, securing GoPros, to holding skiis together to make it easier for children. We also love that they can be used in repair situations (i.e. a surfboard leash or peg loops on tents).
-Rupert Goolden, Really Good Supplies, UK

Take these durable and portable doodads on your next outdoor adventure, whether it’s for family camping, hiking a fourteener, or fort/shelter building in the forest. Most of our designs are great for these purposes. Due to high demand, we’ve created a camouflage kit tailored specifically for outdoor sport. The material is the same, but we adjusted the colors and provided you with the ideal shapes for these adventures. Survivalists recommend keeping a few Stick-lets in your trunk or backpack for safety purposes as well!

See our Camouflage Kit.

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