Purple Stick-let® Connector



$ 2.75

Pardon My Purple: A three-hole connector with two large holes and 1 smaller, center hole. It’s our go-to Stick-let® inspired by the superpower functionality of our Monarch Orange. Connects two large sticks or three small sticks. 


Length: 3.25"

End holes stretch to 2.5"- 3". Center hole stretch to 1".

CONNECTORS   100% Silicone, ROHS Compliant, Recyclable (check with your county for instructions), Made in Taiwan

CARE INSTRUCTIONS    Rinse with water and soap as needed or place in dishwasher, top rack.

DISCLAIMER    Not intended to be put in the mouth or chewed on. Not intended to support weight or suspend from. For example: Stick-lets are not intended for building a tree swing.

Designed and assembled in the United States by Kazakia Design, LLC