Our product is extremely multi-functional and versatile. It's not just an outdoor toy for open-ended play, but a STEAM toy for classrooms, a construction tool for gardening, a companion for outdoor enthusiasts & survivalists and so much more!
Silicone rubber. It is a durable and stretchy material unlike plastic (including bioplastics). It's ideal for outdoor environments, more environmentally friendly than plastic and free of harmful ingredients. Because silicone is expensive, we designed STICK-LETS® with re-purposing in mind. Need to recycle them? We can assist! 
Of course! Being silicone, they are non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments while still maintaining their useful properties. They also maintain their original tear strength after multiple uses. Colors may fade over several years when left outside. Please do not leave them outside permanently since they don't biodegrade.

Where can I find sticks? 

Sticks are almost everywhere! Check out your local park, the sidewalks and the forest. Sticks are plentiful after storms and during seasonal shifts when trees shed their branches. Bamboo makes an excellent building material as well. Looking for dowels? In the U.S.: Home Depot and Lowe's carry a few variations of birch dowels for you to choose from. If you ask nicely, they will agree to cut them to the length of your choice. Your local art supply store may also have them. If you need large quantities, visit Mcmaster-Carr. In Canada: Large quantities can be purchased from Bear Woods. In Australia and New Zealand: Large quantities can be purchased from Bunnings, Masters, and Mitre 10. 
If your child doesn't use them for play, storytelling, or STEAM activities anymore, use them for gardening or for constructing DIY furniture such as an A-frame rack or ladder for hanging clothes, scarves, blankets, etc. You can also donate them to your local school for STEAM lesson plans!  
We recommend soaking them in a bucket of warm water with dish soap. They can also be washed in the dishwasher, top rack. The tote can be washed in the washing machine, delicate cycle.