Stick-lets aim to help children, families and adults reconnect with nature through imaginative and open-ended play. Stick-lets are flexible, durable, reusable, weather-resistant, and safe silicone connectors available in 6 vibrant colors - each a different size. There are no rules to how you use them! Let your imagination and curiosity decide.

Birch Bark White: The largest Stick-let! Its elongated neck works well with large branches. Connects two to three large sticks.

Grasshopper Green: The only 4-hole connector. The center hole is larger than the rest. Connects two to four large sticks.

Huckleberry Blue: Our original design! A symmetrical 3-hole connector. Connects two to three medium sticks.

Starfish Red: A mini version of our Birch Bark White. Created for smaller twigs and sticks. Connects two to three sticks.

Pardon My Purple: A three-hole connector with two large holes and 1 smaller, center hole. It’s our go-to Stick-let and works well for almost everything! Connects two large sticks or three small sticks.

Monarch Orange: Also one of our originals! It's the only Stick-let with two holes. Acts like a zip-tie to latch together two small sticks.

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