"Stick-lets are a pediatric therapist's dream come true! They promote fine motor strength and coordination while also encouraging kids to get outside and move, which we know is so important when it comes to overall development and the development of the sensory systems. Building with Stick-lets is also awesome for promoting imagination and cognitive skills by presenting problem solving challenges.”
-Claire Heffron, MS OTR/L, The Inspired Treehouse

Stick-lets help cultivate an engaging learning environment in schools and workplaces. Beginning at preschool age, children begin to understand structures and shapes through imaginative play. Students in primary and secondary school use the joints strategically to explore topics such as geometry, physics, engineering, and architecture. Therapists use Stick-lets for movement, speech and art therapy. In the workplace, Stick-lets help to sharpen communication, team building, innovation and collaboration skills. What can you learn using Stick-lets?

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